The Complete SME Growth Guide

This book is intended to assist MSMEs, SMEs, Entrepreneurs/Business Owners to get an insight into the importance of SMEs in any Economies. The salient initiatives & support extended by the Indian Government and few remarkable Industrial associations in Bangalore. Many MSMEs, SMEs, Entrepreneurs/Business owners will get the growth insights of a couple of SMEs who started small and have overcome the challenges and today have grown to a large Enterprises. They will also gain an insight into the help that they could get from the BUSINESS YOGI® RAPID BUSINESS GROWTH PLATFORM (RBG) which will enable them to grow their Business Rapidly.

*Avaliable in PDF, ePUB, Mobi & Kindle.

Topics Covered In The Book

Importance of SMEs in any economy

SMEs - Small and medium businesses are the backbone of growth of any country. SMEs are classified using different parameters in different countries, for example, based on their investment, turnover, the number of people they employ, etc.

Importance of SMEs in Indian economy

According to the latest 2017-18 annual report released by the Government of India’s Ministry of MSME, there are an estimated 63.4 million Micro and SMEs in India. Out of these, 19.7 million are in manufacturing, 23.0 million are into trading, and 20.7 million are into other services and collectively provide job opportunities for 111 million.

Issues faced by SMEs, startups & entrepreneurs

Many SMEs work with limited resources & constraints to invest in the right technology, systems & process, finances to get the right people to innovate, plan new product strategies & drive the growth.

Initiatives taken by Indian Government

MSME sector has emerged as a highly vibrant and dynamic sector of the Indian economy over the last five decades. MSMEs play a crucial role in providing substantial employment opportunities at comparatively lower capita cost than large industries but also help in the industrialization of rural & backward areas, thereby reducing regional imbalances.

Industrial Associations in Bangalore

In Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India, various associations are working to provide support to small & medium business entrepreneurs. Listing few salient associations are AWAKE, CII, KAASIA, PIA, FKCCI, eMERG.

Who should read this book

The SME Business Growth Facilitation Formulas is a comprehensive collation of data of the SME statistics in India, the salient initiatives & support extended by the different Government agencies.

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What Our Readers Are Saying

This well thought out book has been written keeping in mind, the need of the hour of our SME's. Keep it up !! It concisely gives complete guidelines to a SME, everything an entrepreneur look for, to take his /her SME to next level of excellence. It gives important information about SME related associations, the support SME's will get, contact information etc. Info on some of the benefits SME's can get through various Government initiatives were eye openers. Success stories of entrepreneurs and their thoughts were inspirational. And the concept of RBG (Rapid Business Growth) platform is a novel idea and can be a "one stop shop" for any business owner with a vision to migrate to world class excellence...

A Balamurugan, Director, Straightegic Solutions Pvt Ltd, Business Excellence Consultant

CEO, Abc Organisation

Though each startup or a fairly new SME establishment face their own challenge; This book draws a line on most of the common challenges and the possible approach to deal with them. I would have been happy if it had addressed the key thing SME faces "COST OF MONEY". It impacts market positioning and operations on whole.


Ravi Hukkerikar

CEO, Abc Organisation

Go to a small company. Typically, in a big company, it is good to learn to process; you are part of a big machine/set up. But when you go to a small company, you gain the passion. You learn the dreams. You learn to do a lot of things at one time.

Tony Mammen

A good subject for all entrepreneurs and an effort to understand where we are and a guide to future perfection

Rajasekhara Srinivasa Rao Perumalla

With his rich experience,the author has touched upon the evolution of SME to the present state.Interesting case studies and sketches on some successful persons in the field makes it lively.Lucid language.A bible for the beginners and reference for others.

Krishnakumar CM

A must read for all start-ups and small companies to move into SME. This book gives you more insight on the SME processes. Author has thought through well to explain what it takes to run a SME company.


This is very good book for SMEs who are starting their Entrepreneurship / struggling Entrepreneurs. book with actual stories of Business people who are successful in growing their business.


Very well written. Collective wisdom from different people bringing out very relevant insights to help Indian Small and Medium Enterprises.

Sanjay Dugar

A very practical guide for any SME. This book is insightful & well thought out. It will be a useful tool for anyone who wants to start up. Great job!


Information and insights for MSMEs, SMEs, Entrepreneurs/ Business Owners. Features few well organised Industrial associations in Bangalore.

Naveen Rajashekharaiah

Simply brilliant! Absolutely essential for all business persons. Mr. Samuel has added such wonderful perspective and insights to business owners

Santosh Joseph

Real guide for real growth. Wonderful. Great work by the author Mr. Samuel Sudhakar.

Prof. Mageshwaran

A fairly comprehensive book on SME segment. Well done. Wish a wide acceptance and read.

Raghuram. K

Its very rarely you see a book that contains and resolves the issue for SMEs. Most of the books talk about one portion of the SMEs problem. However Sam made an attempt to address Digital, Accounting and Business growth strategies at one place. Good for SMEs, who think aggressive way to grow their business.

Nityananda Rao

Helps to understand the common things which ponders while starting a new venture. The interviews with leaders gives an insight how to overcome hurdles. Great work


Excellent insights on the market and ways to tackle the complex Indian SME Market. Coming from a veteran speaks volume... good buy for money.

Jaiprakash D V

A must read for all SME... Excellent book. Shows the depth of knowledge author has on the subject matter. Super!

About Author

Samuel Sudhakar

Samuel Sudhakar is a versatile business management leader with more than 26 years of experience in setting up & managing businesses across a diverse range of industry domains, including Internet Services, Telecom, IT, Software & technology in highly competitive regional, national and international markets for both enterprise & consumer segments.

I have handled various roles & have strong techno-commercial, Management consulting, as well as P&L skill sets. Have worked in Senior Management roles in Net4, Tata Tele Services Ltd, Glo Mobile Nigeria & Ghana, and have made significant contributions towards growth & profitability of every business I was associated with.

Have hands-on experience in starting new business operations right from inception. Good at building the right teams, training, retaining and motivating teams to perform at their best, to create sustainable top-line and bottom-line. I have turned around a product company, a Telecom service provider and an Internet service provider as Profit Centres.

I had started Management Consulting in 2014 & had consulted a 20-year-old SME - Product & Services Company as their Consultant -Group CEO to expand their Global Operations and helped them to build their e-Commerce marketplace.

To strengthen my consulting practice, I have teamed up with industry experts/associates and have started in 2016.  Conduct  Digital Marketing  & Management Consulting workshops at SMEs business groups and SME Associations.

With the collaborative strength, I am focused on leveraging my wealth of industry experience in technology, business management coaching, digital marketing, effective planning & execution, training, and people management for contributing towards the growth of SME/SMBs. -

We conduct workshops for SMEs to build and manage their website. We have integrated with an easy to create website platform. The platform provides around 150 additional templates to suit your business category, or you can customize your template. We help the SME to build & manage their online and social presence.

You could access my LinkedIn profile for additional details.

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